LOEX Operation Weekly(June 14, 2021- June 20, 2021)


1. PC: The transaction K-line volume bar graph is accurately upgraded; the withdrawal and transfer are optimized, compatibility problems are fixed, work orders are optimized, and customer service is optimized; Bangkok overseas node servers are maintained and upgraded; and the online coins were tested. (completed)

2. APP: The risk warning problem has been fixed, the handicap display is optimized, the withdrawal and transfer are optimized, the compatibility problem is fixed, and the work order is optimized. (completed)

3. System maintenance, trading systems and wallets are maintained safely by convention; 43 bugs raised by the business side were fixed. (completed)

4. Performance optimization: optimization of data cache and optimization of push mechanism. (completed)


This week, LOEx received listing applications from 16 coin parties, and conducted business negotiations with 10 coin parties. It also investigated the background of coin parties, token circulation, coin development progress and other information, and is having further detailed discussions with the project parties that has the intention of cooperation.

Coins launched this week: THETA、XEM

Activity last week: Coin-holding activity of DPN on LOEx


1. This week, Telegram official communication group 1 and communication group 2, and the customer service staffs answered user questions more than 7833 times.

2. This week, WeChat customer service staffs answered user questions more than 8452 times.

3. This week, the Twitter community answered user questions more than 6985 times.

Overseas business

1. Overseas nodes: A total of 14 overseas partner nodes were contacted, including 9 potential partners nodes and 5 planned partners nodes.

2. Overseas medias: PIVOT, FACEBOOK, TUMBLR

“ LOEX Operation Weekly(June 7, 2021- June 13, 2021)”

New data

The latest data for the LOEx communities in the past week are as follows:

Telegram users increase by 8432+

Twitter users increase by 7398+

Followers in Feixiaohao increase by 6932+

Ranking in Feixiaohao: 26th

Ranking in MyToken: 25th