LOEx Market Research Report on June 16: BTC rebound hard, $40000 stability difficulty

[Hot Tips]

1. [Co-founder of Coinbase: Encryption will create more jobs than the Internet]

Fred Ehrsam, the co-founder of Coinbase, said on Bloomberg that the field of encryption is expected to become another Internet-level market, which will create more jobs than the Internet and greatly promote economic growth. At the same time, the encryption field is also expected to solve the privacy issues faced by today’s technology giants. He believes that the United States is currently at a critical crossroads and needs to make correct decisions.

2. [El Salvador discusses whether to use BTC to pay wages]

The government of El Salvador is discussing whether companies should pay wages in BTC.

3. [Survey: 98% of hedge funds plan to invest in cryptocurrencies in 2026]

According to news from The Block on June 16, a survey by Dutch Trust and Intertrust Group found that by 2026, 98% of hedge funds will have some kind of crypto risk exposure. The survey interviewed 100 hedge fund executives.

[Market analysis]

Bitcoin (BTC)BTC had a stable trend last night, after rushing up to 41,000 USDT in the early morning, it fell back slightly. BTC is currently trading at 40042 USDT on LOEx Global, a drop of 0.02% within the day.

The rebound of BTC is difficult, and $40,000 is difficult to maintain stability. Countries around the world have different attitudes towards Bitcoin. Those who support it are treated as legal currencies, and those who don’t support it are dismissive. If it is in a bear market, there may not be any waves. The bull market is a little bit turbulent, and the price fluctuates up and down. In late May, the currency market fell below the defensive line, and the market hovered between the bulls and the bears. In the second half of the year, the market is not optimistic. It is already a bull tail. The mainstream of this bull market has risen more than ten or twenty times, and a profit is required to pay more than a dozen. In the atmosphere of a bull market, we may not be able to see anything. The longer the bulls go, the harder they will feel, and the market has a game of funds. Withdrawal of funds will return to bargain-hunting when they fall. Therefore, it rebounds after falling again and again, giving people the feeling that the bull market has been going on. In the second half of the year, the market is bullish and not bullish. At least, if the principal is taken out, there is a chance to sell high and buy low.

Operation suggestions:

Support level: the first support level is 38,000 points, the second support level is 35,000 integers;

Resistance level: the first resistance level is 41,000 points, the second resistance level is 43,000 points.

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