LOEx Market Research Report on July 1: Foreign media said Soros Fund Management is trading BTC

[Hot Tips]

1. [The net inflow of ETH funds in the past 10 hours exceeded $654 million]

As of today’s 10 o’clock, the top three net capital inflows are: ETH (+$654 million), BTC (+$160 million), ADA (+$311.142 million); the top three net capital outflows are: DOGE (-$249.956 million), WAVES (-$16,019,400), USDC (-$7,651,700).

2. [Theta mainnet 3.0 successfully launched]

According to official sources, Theta mainnet 3.0 was successfully launched. At block height 10,968,061, the chain forked to MN3.0 code and enabled TFuel mortgage. More than 400 million TFuels have been pledged, and the first batch of TFuel pledge rewards have been allocated.

3. [The milestone of ETH 2.0 ETH pledge close to 6 million]

According to cointelegraph news, ETH Launchpad is a portal for ETH 2.0 validators to pledge their tokens. On Wednesday, it showed about 5.9 million pledged Ether and nearly 180,000 validators to power the blockchain.

[Market analysis]

Bitcoin (BTC)BTC went lower last night and started to rise after falling to $34000 in the early hours of this morning. BTC is currently trading at 34329 USDT in LOEx, an intraday increase of 0.37%.

Foreign media said that Soros Fund Management is trading Bitcoin. Soros is a recognized air force commander. Did he come to buy currency to help or get into trouble? Presumably it is not a good thing, it means that he smelled blood. The first half of the year has passed, and Bitcoin successfully made a sharp correction in the midfield, and institutions did not tame Bitcoin. In the face of Bitcoin, Wall Street institutions are also leeks. This system is very large, indicating that it will not perish. The exchange rate between Bitcoin and Fiat is purely quantitative. With unlimited over-issued fiat currencies, there is no bottom line for the decline in fiat currencies for limited-issued bitcoins. The cryptocurrency market is currently only a matter of how much the market falls. If it rises too much, it will fall. Even if the two-thirds of the bull market can be stabilized, it is also a bull market. At present, it is still oscillating in the mid-line, and there is no last drop. The last drop must have caused the panic chips to flow out. When everyone thinks it will return to zero, the market slowly rises.

Operation suggestions:

Support level: the first support level is 31,000 points, the second support level is 30,000 integers;

Resistance level: the first resistance level is 36,000 points, the second resistance level is 38,000 points.

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