LOEx Market Research Report on January 12: High volatility in BTC will continue for a while, pay attention to the rhythm

3 min readJan 12, 2021

[Today’s Hot Tips]

1. [J Capital Research, the U.S. short-selling agency: has shorted some digital currencies]

According to JIN10 News, the US short-selling agency, J Capital Research, said that it has shorted some digital currencies.

2. [Ethereum 2.0]

The balance of Ethereum 2.0 pledge addresses exceeds 2.4 million.

3. [UK regulators require unregistered cryptocurrency companies to close]

According to The Block, the UK Financial Market Conduct Authority (FCA) has required unregistered cryptocurrency companies to close and return funds to investors, which is in line with the timetable set by the regulator in early 2020. On January 8, the British regulator warned that encryption companies that have not applied for registration with the FCA as of December 15, 2020, or have withdrawn their applications, must stop encryption activities before January 10. FCA wrote in an email to companies that companies “should carefully consider all relevant issues and, if possible, return any funds or encrypted assets that fall within the scope of anti-money laundering regulations.”

[Today’s market analysis]

Bitcoin (BTC)In the early hours of the morning, BTC continued to fall, with the lowest falling to 30,408 USDT. Now BTC continues to oscillate and rebound to 35,000 USDT. Most mainstream currencies have followed the broader market and rebounded since the early morning. BTC is currently reporting 34,455.60 USDT on LOEx Global, with an increase of 9.18% in 24H.

The day before yesterday was $40,000, yesterday was $30,000, and today is $35,000. If your views on Bitcoin have changed a lot these days, I suggest you calm down and invest again.

I have been warning everyone to avoid the top three days ago, and it seems that I have led everyone to successfully avoid a 10,000-point drop. BTC has fallen by US$10,000 a day, which is hard to imagine in the past, but now it is a 30% drop. It can only be said that Bitcoin is getting more and more expensive, and there is more and more room to fall.

Bitcoin has fallen so much, is the bull market over?

The bull market often plummets, and I say that I can sell high and buy low with the bargaining chip in my hand. Don’t hand it out in the plummet. Without the chips, then the bull market really has nothing to do with you. The low-purchase points have also been mentioned before. Between 10,000 points, this rebound point is just the correct point predicted earlier. The high-level shock will continue for a period of time. Pay attention to the rhythm.

Operation suggestions:

Support level: the first support level is 33,000 points, the second support level is 30,000 integers;

Resistance level: the first resistance level is 35,000 points, the second resistance level is 40,000 points.

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